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#212 : Un secret bien gardé

Daisy se rend à un match de boxe afin de récupérer l'âme d'une personne. Mason en profite pour monter sur le ring avec Ray pour lui prouver à quel point il tient à elle. Joy se présente au Happy Time et postule pour un travail. George doit faire comprendre à une vieille dame atteinte d'Alzheimer qu'elle est morte et qu'elle doit partir, mais cette dernière ne veut pas le croire.


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Titre VO
Forget Me Not

Titre VF
Un secret bien gardé

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Expliquer la mort

Expliquer la mort


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Scénariste : Stephen Godchaux et Bridget Carpenter
Réalisateur : Brad Turner

Durée : 45 min




Young George is reading "A tale of two cities" by Charles Dickens - she is sititing at the
kitchen table

(VO) When I was little, my father who was an English teacher, used to tell me that I would
never be alone as long as I had a good book. Good thing

Joy comes in with a box

JOY: Ready to go to Suzie's birthday party?
YOUNG GEORGE: No, my book is getting good
JOY: George, we R.S.V.Ped
YOUNG GEORGE: I didn't RSVP anything
JOY: (she picks up the box)We bought her a present
YOUNG GEORGE: What did you get her?
JOY: "We" got her a flannel night gown. Pretty little flowers on it
YOUNG GEORGE: Mom, youre gonna get me killed
JOY: Georgia, Don't be silly, we're going
JOY: You so are
JOY: Why do you have to be so obstinate
YOUNG GEORGE: Obstinate, O-B-S-T-I-N-A-T-E, stubborn
JOY: Georgia Lass, you cannot spend your entire life with your nose stuck in a book

(VO) Reading didn't make me popular (change scene - at the Regional Spelling Bee) and reading
didn't neccarily make me happy, (a boy stands up and goes to the microphone - he has the
number 4 round his neck) what it did make me was a really good speller

JUDGE: Succedaneum

(George and Mason in the crowd)
(his parents in the audience looking at the dictionary)
MASON: (quite loudly) Fuck off (covers his mouth)
KID 1: S-U-C-C-E-D-A-N-E-U-M
(parents looking expectantly)
Everyone claps, and the speaker puts the piece of paper on a spike
MASON: Nice one Georgie, nice one Georgie
(the kid sits down, the other with the number 18 round his neck)
GEORGE: I was a reader
FATHER: Stay focused on it G, eye on the prize, your trophy and 10 thousand big ones
(the pronouncer turns round)
PRONOUNCER: Mr Aktar, no talking to the finalists
(sits back into his seat and is quiet)
MASON: I'm gunning for the nerd
GEORGE: Err, and that would be which one?
FRANCIS: (under his breath)Shit.(louder) Can I hear the definition please
MASON: A desire for death
PRONOUNCER: An instinctual desire for death
GEORGE: Very nice Mason
MASON: Well it is kind of in my wheelhouse, isn't it. Come on Francis, kick his little arse,
go on my son, go on
GEORGE: Shouldn't you be focusing on that? (post-it G. McFadden, Henson Auditoruim, E.T.D
MASON: Shouldn't you shut the fuck up so he can spell the fucking word Georgie?
FRANCIS: T-H-A-N-A-T-O-S Thanatos
(everyone claps, Mason claps wildly. Judge put the paper through the spike)
FATHER: Excuse me, Mr McFadden, that word is far too easy, it's an insult. My son had much
harder words, much harder
(George nudges Mason)
GEORGE: That's your guy
PRONOUNCER: Please remain silent or you will be asked to leave the auditoruim
(Number 4 stand up) The next word is apoplectic
MASON: Miss it
FRANCIS: Miss it

Graveling comes into view and moves the spike so it is in front of him

GEORGE: Game over anyway
Mason reaches over and takes his soul

KID 1: APOPLECTIC  A-P-P-E-P-L-E-C-T-I-C (Francis is extactic)
(The bell is rung)
PRONOUNCER: I'm sorry (Francis and Mason are happy) Applectic is spelt A-P...
FATHER: No! (He throws the dictionary towards the judge, it hits on the back of the head and
his head goes onto desk and blood spills everywhere)

Pronouncer's ghost is sitting behind them

PRONOUNCER: What just happened?
MASON: Oh I'm afraid you are D-E-D
MASON: I was joking

Waffle Haus. Daisy and Rube are sitting at table 16

DAISY: Coffee please Kiffany. does anyone order the Elvis Presley?
DAISY: What's in it?
KIFFANY: Peanut butter, bananas, bacon and cool whip
DAISY: What does that taste like?
KIFFANY: Death on a plate
DAISY: Yeah, I'll just have the coffee
(Kiffany gets the coffee)
RUBE: Yeah I hear ya have a boyfriend
DAISY: Who'd you hear that from?
RUBE: Does it matter where I heard it from. Is it true?
RUBE: So you don't have a boyfreind whose living and breathing and has no idea that you are a
grim reaper?
DAISY: Did Roxy tell you that?
RUBE: Tell me what?
(Kiffany pouring coffee)
DAISY: That I had a boyfriend
KIFFANY: That handsome devil I sayw you leaving with last night, Is that your boyfreind?
(she leaves and Mason an George come and sit down)
RUBE: Hey, How'd it go?
GEORGE: It was a spelling bee
RUBE: Seriously, how'd it go?
RUBE: How do I get it to stop?
(Daisy moves to every word)
MASON: Well go on Georgie, tell him
GEORGE: Well as far as senseless brutal deaths go I think it went beautifully
MASON: Yes so maybe a little simple thank you is in order instead of your contant irritation
Ruby. (Daisy smiling) Maybe a little  bit of G-R-E-A-T---(pauses)itude
RUBE: (hands post-its out)For you (to George) for you (to Daisy)
MASON: Where's Roxy?
RUBE: She's got a personal day
MASON: Why don't I have a personal day?
RUBE: Because you are a F-U-C-K-U-P
MASON: Fuck up has two words
GEORGE: Actually fuck up is a hyphenate - Well it is
DAISY: This is in a bad part of town
RUBE: I know that address, that's a links late boxing gym
DAISY: Yeah, It's sounds sweaty and violent
RUBE: (looks to Mason) Why don't you keep her company
(Mason nods)
DAISY: I think, I'm past the "I need protection" stage, don't you?
GEORGE: Mason's company protection
DAISY: Well whatever it is. No thanks
RUBE: You already have company today princess? (she puts on her coat) your boyfreind riding
shotgun for your reap? (George looking sheepish, and Mason raising his eyebrow)
DAISY: I don't have a boyfriend, okay? I don't have a boyfriend Mason. I would love it if you
could come with me to the gym, I'll feel safer
MASON: I would feel happy to. B-Y-E
(George sits back down)
RUBE: Tell me about her boyfriend
(George looks rouund, she sees Kiffany dropping some food to the next table)
GEORGE: (trying to get her attention) Err....Kiffany...(to Rube, without looking at him) I've not met him

At the Lass house. JD is looking expectantly at the table

JOY: Blueberry pancakes. What?
REGGIE: What did you do?
JOY: I made blueberry pancakes (gets cutlery from the draw)
REGGIE: You make those when you feel guilty
JOY: That's not true
REGGIE: Why are you dressed like a realtor?
JOY: Because I'm going out job hunting
JOY: Because they give you money at the end of the day. I'm just looking for something
temporary,  office work
REGGIE: Sound boring
JOY: Well Reggie, it's that or we sell the dog (Reggie gives the dog something) to a chinese
restaurant or something
REGGIE: That's not funny
JOY: Okay, I guess it's not a good idea, I mean golden retrievers arn't good eating
REGGIE: So when you are at work, whose going to watch me?
JOY: Who do you want to watch you?
REGGIE: No-one

At Der Waffle Haus

RUBE: Daisy has alleged in the past that she has had dalliances with men, sexual escapades
with people who were alive while she was reaping, so, it's a blunder
GEORGE: Charlie Chaplin, Tyron Powers, Babe Ruth
RUBE: Ive heard the stories
GEORGE: Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn, William Holden
RUBE: I get it. William Holden?
GEORGE: Yeah, I don't know who that is either
RUBE: Sunset Boulevard? Face down in the swimming pool? (She looks confused) Jesus!
(shakes his head) The point is George, these alleged indiscresions, they were not on my watch
GEORGE: I am not a snitch Rube, I'm not telling on Daisy
RUBE: Georgia snitching is not the point, the point is she shouldn't be involved with someone
living (pouring syrup on pancakes and eggs) the point is keep the syrup away from the eggs
GEORGE: I like syrup on my eggs
RUBE: Whos that?
GEORGE: Who's who?(turns to see Ray)
RUBE: This
(George trie  to look away as if she hasn't seen him)
RAY: George, right? Daisy told me this is one of her haunts. (puts his hand out to shake) Hey,
Ray Summers
RUBE: Rube
RAY: That's quite a deathgrip you got there Rube. (to George) You seen my girl?
GEORGE: Oh, she just left
RAY: Ack, so much for timing
RUBE: What's your story Ray?
RAY: My story, that I'm a television producer. You may have seen my programme...
RUBE: I don't watch that much television
RAY: Lemme guess, your (he does the hand gesture for quotations) "a reader"
GEORGE: (happy about it) Im a reader
RUBE: How do you know Daisy, Ray?
RAY: Met her in a bar, bought her as drink or three, we may have been a little over served
that night
RUBE: So youre just drinking buddies?
RAY: No, no, no. Daisy's my (sleazy look on his face)...good luck charm
RUBE: Charm perhaps, good luck? not in my experience
RAY: Well maybe not in your experience but (laughs)hey actually come to think of it, some guy died.
(looks to George) You were there
GEORGE: No I wasn't. I wasn't (sips her coffee and looks into it)
RAY: So how do you know Daisy, Rube
RUBE: That's not any of your business
RAY: (laughs) Wow, don't candy-coat it for me Rube - if I'm not welcome here
RUBE: Youre not welcome here
RAY: Did I say something to offend you?
RAY: Then what's your problem?
RUBE: I just don't like strangers all that much and I didn't invite you to sit down at this table with people you do not know
RAY: Actually Rube, I know George here
GEORGE: You don't know me
(George looks at Rube, who looks at Ray)
RAY: Okay, you folks have a nice day (he leaves)
RUBE: I do not like him
GEORGE: Don't you just wanna slap that smile right off his face (lifts her hand to slap)

A boxer pulls back from a punch - the camera fast-tracks towards the ring where there are two
boxers sparing. Mason and Daisy walk into the gym

MASON: Yeah, well I don't think it is a good idea to invite Ray to a reap
DAISY: Oh suddenly you are the responsible one
MASON: Come on, It's reckless, he might see something
DAISY: Please! He doesn't notice anything, he's blinded by love (fixes her hair)
MASON: HA You are flirting with disaster Daisy Adair
DAISY: You just don't like me flirting at all
MASON: Come on! I'm not interested in you that way any more..actually...really...anymore
DAISY: I believe you
MASON: Good (pause)I just don't want to see you get hurt
(one boxer punches the other and he goes into the rope and then falls down)

Joy is sitting in one of the chairs at Happy Time. A guy pushes a trolly past her, it is
squeaking, she has her portfolio on her lap. She looks over and she see Crystal staring at
her, she gives her a slight smile, Crystal stares back. Joy looks away then looks
uncomforably away then takes  a deep breath and gets up to talk her

JOY: How's it going?
(she shrugs and looks blank)
JOY: What's your name?
CRYSTAL: Crystal
JOY: Will Ms Herbig be back soon?
(she nods. She sits back down and puts the portfolio back onto her lap, Crystal is still

Outside a hospital. George and Rube are walking down the hall. They pass a man with a zimmer
frame and on the other side a man hooked up to a drip

GEORGE: I don't like hospitals
RUBE: Why?
GEORGE: Who the hell likes hospitals
RUBE: Well, lets see. Doctors, nurses, (he picks up a paper, they sit down) orderlies.
people who are sick who want to get better, people who know people who are sick and want
them to get better
GEORGE: I don't see anyone round who looks like they're getting any better
RUBE: Well it's a long time care ward (A lady acknoledges Rube) They're probably not going
out the way they came in
(she goes to the man with the drip and she touches his shoulder and takes his soul)
GEORGE: Do we know her?
RUBE: (smiling) We do. Natural causes is one of the nicer assignments for a reaper, especially
in a hospital. Not chasing anyone down, everyone's got a name tag, nice gig (continues to
read the paper)
GEORGE: Except everyone here is really old
RUBE: Hmmp
GEORGE: They just freak me out a little and the really old ones irritate me
RUBE: That's nice
GEORGE: You know when they're crossing the street at the walk sign and the time is ticking by
and even if they start right away, (guy with zimmer froame is walking across) they still
never make it across on time
RUBE: That irritates you
GEORGE:They're really slow
RUBE: Go find your reap
GEORGE: Okay. How?
RUBE: Hey buddy, you got an N.Rommey? like mommy
ORDERLY: Nina Room 331
RUBE: See it's a nice gig. I'll see you later(she gets up)


She shows the post-it to double check the room and then goes into the room
a lady is singing :sing: My Bonnie lies over the ocean, my Bonnie lies over the see :sing:.
George opens the curtains and there is alady sitting there

NINA: Are we there yet?
GEORGE: Where?
NINA: Are we there yet?
GEORGE: Well I don't believe we are. Are you N, Rommey?
NINA: Yes - no (starts singing again - George looks around  and she sees everything is marked
with what they are)
GEORGE: (speaks it)So bring back my Bonnie to me
(she claps and laughs)

(VO) Like I said they freak me out a little

(she gets up from her chair and heads for the door. Penny is walking past with a try of
PENNY: Now, you know it's better when you stay in your room
NINA: My room
GEORGE: (to Penny) Err. Is this Nina?
NINA: Yes I'm Mrs Nina Rommey, how do you do
(George puts out her hand for it to be shook but she ignores it and walks off)
PENNY: Nina No
NINA: No no no no no. Were hearing the story today, it's a fairytale
GEORGE: Once upon a time you were alive and now you died. The end
PENNY: *gasps* I know you. You were the one that was killed by a toilet seat
GEORGE: God will anyone ever let that go? blah, blah, blah, blah
NINA: blah blah blah, blah (smiles)
PENNY: I'm Penny
GEORGE: I'm George (they shake hands) Nina this is George, she's come to take care of you
NINA: We have to go, we really don't want to be late
GEORGE: (she looks at her watch) Oh we won't be

Mason and Daisy are sitting on the side of the sparring ring

DAISY: Kate Hepburn boxed, also Kitty Lombard, It's a great acting excercise (she looks at her watch then at her post-it, she gets up) I need to find my reap before Ray gets here
MASON: Good idea(he gets up too and flows her round)
DAISY: He'll be dead and gone by the time Ray shows up. (sees a boxer with the punching bag
and walks off to talk to them) Boxers are really beautiful
MASON: "Boxers are really beautiful", "Ray is really beautiful" I tell you who is beautiful
Daisy, I tell you who is beautiful, it's fucking me, I'm beautiful, yeah, yeah i'm hot, I'm
hot, I can box (puts his fits up in the air and pretends to box) Who is it? who is it, it's
kid Mason (he cheers)Kid Mason, Kid mason. The Mason-ator,The Mason-ator, yeah, shake it
out - shake it out - yeah, youre not so fucking beautiful now (takes a swing in the air, and
nearly knocking out Ray)
RAY: Whooh, Easy tiger
MASON: Sorry mate
RAY: Daisy called me
MASON: Good for you
RAY: Asked me to meet her here
RAY: And I'm here
MASON: Are you a lap dog Ray?
(looks serious for a moment, then laughs and goes to find Daisy. Mason yaps like a little dog
and Ray stops in his tracks)
RAY: Did you just bark at me?
MASON: No. Can you box Ray? Can you? bit of boxing, eh? Can ya? eh?
RAY: Ive had my share of fights
MASON: Really? I'm just asking because, you know, not every man can box
RAY: Is there something you want to say to me Mason?
MASON: (whipspers) No
RAY: Well then (comes right up to his face)Don't stand so fucking close (Mason comes closer and pulls his "Well 'ard face") Seriously, step back
MASON: You step back
RAY: (smirks) Okay, okay Mason, you win, you get to take home the big prize (he walks away) Oh
no wait (breaths deeply) I do
MASON: Fuck off you rightous fucking cocksucker
(he stops)

Camera change

Daisy looking for her reap. There are two boxers in the ring

DAISY: Excuse me but I'm looking for (looks at the post-it)A Mr Washington
BOXER: It's kid Washington
DAISY: You are so much more handsome in the flesh
BOXER: Im not the kid
(camera spins round)
DAISY: oh oh oh
(camera spins round and lands on Kid Washington, the sparring partner)
KID WASHINGTON: Well what can I do you for Miss?
DAISY: Well, I just wanted to meet you
KID WASHINGTON: I'm Kid Washington and you are?
DAISY: Daisy, Daisy Adair. My father used to talk about you
KID WASHINGTON: Oh is that so
DAISY: He said your Harrison fight (points to the poster) was a classic
KID WASHINGTON: (proud) 15 rounds, yup that was some fight
DAISY: Well it's a honour to meet you kid (puts her hand out to shake)
KID WASHINGTON: Nice of you to stop by Miss (he takes his glove off and as she touches his
hand she takes his soul, he kisses her hand ) Alright Lois, showing off is an easy way to get
(Daisy leaves)


Phone buzzer goes off. Penny is answering the phone
PENNY: It's 301, get me doctor Rothchild
(Penny runs off)
NINA: Is that the school bell?
NINA: We're going to be late
GEORGE: Oh no we won't, We'll be right on time (she runs her hand down her arm and takes her
NINA: Oooh Thank you (she walks behind the desk and sees the medication) Oh I have to take

(VO)Id seen alot of people die, hit by a bus (Nina takes another lot of pills)mauled by a
bear, torn up by a lawnmower, but this quiet mistake, I couldn't make sense, then again,
neither could Nina. (she carries on taking the medication) I know I wasn't supposed to
interfere, but I just wanted to stop her before it was too late

GEORGE: Nina. Let's go back to your room
NINA: Your hair is so pretty
GEORGE: Thank you
(guides her back to her room)

CAMERA CHANGE - Mason in the ring with Ray
MASON: Get me out of this
DAISY: (grinning inanly) Are you kidding, two boys fighting over me, It's my dream
MASON: lovely, I'm not fighting over you but this could hurt
DAISY: You heal fast (has a sip of water then quickly spits it out - Ray is waiting)
MASON: That doesn't take away from the hurty pain bit

(she walks round)
RAY: You forgot to kiss me for good luck
DAISY: Not in front of Mason, remember to go easy on him
RAY: Easy on who? That ship has pretty much sailed
DAISY: Why do you have to be like that? why do you have to be mean
RAY: Hey, I'm just finishing what you started sweetheart - youre the one that put him in
harm's way
DAISY: No I didn't
RAY: Youre involved with two men, Daisy, the story never ends well. Now shut up and kiss me

(Mason rings the ring bell, which makes Ray stop what he is doing)

RAY: Let's go

Joy is sitting down. A worker comes so sit next to her, Joy needs for her to move her bag
as she sits down

FIONA: You'll really like working with Ricky
JOY: That's nice
FIONA: He was doing film binding, and I was like third day here, Dolores didn't even talk to
me about responsibility until at least week two, and he's excellent about recycling
JOY: I'm sorry, but I don't know who you are talking about
FIONA: Arn't you Ricky's mom?
FIONA: He said his mom was visiting him at lunch, you look like youre his mom
JOY: Well I'm not her
FIONA: Are you sure?
JOY: Yeah Im here to be placed here for a job
FIONA: That's really brave (takes a bite out of her sandwich)
JOY: Brave?
FIONA: Yeah I mean to just... do you want half a sandwich? It's tuna
JOY: No thanks
(she sees Delores coming over and she runs off)
DELORES: Hi I'm Delores Herbig, crystal tells me youre
(Joy stands up)
JOY: Joy, Joy Lass
DELORES: Well, why don't you follow me to my cubicle and we'll have a chat Ms Lass or is it
JOY: Ms is fine
(they walk to her cubicle and as Joy passes Millie's station she stops and looks in)
DELORES: Coming?
JOY: Yes

Mason spins round he is in the ring with Ray

RAY: I'm a little rusty here, so help me out (Mason continues to spin)two step or the cha-cha?
MASON: Cha cha cha cha cha cha. I'm gonna beat you white pasty ass, mother fucker
RAY: I'm not familiar with that one
MASON: Come on
(Mason falls down)
RAY: Need a little help there Ginger.(walks over to Daisy) Can I just kill him? or is that a
little inhospitable
DAISY: Seiously don't hurt him, play nice
RAY: It's a fight Daisy, youre going to have to pick a corner
DAISY: I don't wanna pick a corner
(looks over to Mason who drops his water)
RAY: Yeah, he looks like a bleeder, and drunks bleed like hell
DAISY: Yeah, I don't need to see this. I don't need to see any of this
RAY: Hey! hey, Don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you
(sticks up her middle finger. Mason is behind Ray and hits him on the back of the head)
DAISY: Come on biiiiaatch! come on Biiiiiaatch
RAY: Now you made me mad
MASON: I'm actually really sorry Ray because this is a gentlemen's sport, isn't it, so fuck
off bitchity bitchy bitch come on. Yeah, go on darling hide that pretty face of yours sweetheart because you are going to leave here hurting. Your unborn children and grandchildren and step children are two bloody headed nephews are going to be feeling the fucking pain. Biiiiiaaaaatttchh. Come on
RAY: Is that the pain you feel when I take your precious Daisy and fuck her (puts his guard
down - Ray gets a shot in - the bell rings. Young boxer hits and Kid Washington goes down)
YOUNG BOXER: Wooh, Kid? you alright? get up kid, come on (everyone rushes to his aid and
Kid's ghost stands by the side of Daisy)
KID WASHINGTON: Am I getting up?
DAISY: No (blood is coming from the back of his head and someone is checking his pulse)
DAISY: Yeah, I'm sorry, your down for the count.

(Nina's voice) Night night

George is standing over Nina's bed where she is lying down

NINA: I'm sleepy
GEORGE: I know
NINA: We shouldn't cut class today
GEORGE: Come on, under the covers (she covers her over with the blanket)
NINA: Book reports are due today, did you read it? I loved it
GEORGE: (looking bored and waiting) Yeah me too (she sits on the bed. Nina holds George's
NINA: Are we there yet?
GEORGE: I think so
NINA: I loved the eighth grade
GEORGE: Yeah (she closes her eyes) eighth grade was fun

At Happy Time. Dolores and Joy chatting about her work. She is reading off her CV

DELORES: History major with a business minor in college, Exective secretary, (sounds
surprised) two law firms
JOY: and I know Greg shorthand and medical shorthand
DELORES: Wonderful, your resume is so well organised, lets' just input you into the databank
(starts typing) I know I've heard your name before
JOY: Do you know, your name sounds familiar to me as well
DELORES: Really? (she looks at the screen) Oh my goodness, are you any relation to the young
woman who died?
JOY: That was my daughter, George
DELORES: I hired her. Georgia Lass
JOY: Youre the woman who gave her the job (Delores looks down) You called the house, you and
I spoke on the phone
(she doesn't know where to look, so she turns around and gets a box of tissues from the draw.
she puts them on the desk. In a monosyllabic tone)I'm sorry for your loss
JOY: Thank you.
DELORES: I didn't spend much time with your daughter, she seemed sweet
JOY: Did she?
DELORES: No. She seemed complicated, smart but complicated
JOY: What else?
DELORES: Difficult, a handful but promising which is why I hired her (looks as if she will
cry) We don't have to do this now, Ms Lass, we can reschedule or not do it at all
JOY: (she chuckles) I'm here, I'm fine, I wanna work. It's Joy
DELORES: Okay. What do you want to do Joy? What's your passion? What do you like
JOY: Oh I don't know
DELORES: (looks at her screen) Well, we have a number of...
JOY: I like making lists, I like boxes, files, shelves, self sticking labels
DELORES: (high-pitched) Me too
JOY: (lowered voice) and this office
JOY: What did George do on that day for work?
DELORES: I really...don't remember

At Reggie's school. Mrs Rickets - the teacher brings books over to the table that some
children are sitting at. Reggie is sitting down

MRS RICKET: Okay everyone, I know you all think that you couldn't live without the internet
but before online research there were card catalogues and paper cards and library book
pockets - oh Reggie, don't play with those books, they haven't been barcoded yet, they still
have the antiquated check out cards in them (turns around) Si, Benjamin, if that is a skin
magazineI see you holding, so help me.
(Reggie stars going through the books and comes across "A tale of two cities", she opens the
book and sees George's name)

Transition at the hospice. Nina has died but she doesn't know where she is. George is holding
up a picture

GEORGE: Do you know who this is?
NINA: I don't remember
GEORGE: This is your husband - William
NINA: Oooh nice
GEORGE: William (she puts the picture down)
NINA: There will be a quiz on this material
GEORGE: Yeah I know, and actually I think you are late for your quiz, so this way (she grabs
her hand)
NINA: No (she goes to pick up the picture of her daughter, Beth) Oh!(tries to pick it up again)
GEORGE: Nina, you really need to follow me
NINA: Please don't tell me what to do
GEORGE: (annoyed) You're dead Nina
NINA: This is the lady who comes in and brushes my hair
GEORGE: Yes that is your daughter, Beth and youre dead (she walks off, George is exacerbated)

Transition. Penny and Rube are talking at the reception area

PENNY: So who is this, this Rosie?
RUBE: Oh nobody you know
PENNY: Is it somebody you knew? Is she related to you? (she hands him a post-it - Rube goes to
take it but she pulls it back)(more questioning) Is she related to you?
RUBE: Yes (she gasps and gives him the post-it) O Shan, It's a decent hospital, they take
good care of people there?
PENNY: No Rube, they water them once a week. (He puts the post-it on the picture of his wife)
Look at you driving on the wrong side of the road, It's not good
RUBE: Thanks for this (he puts his wallet away and starts to walk away)
PENNY: How's Der Waffle Haus?(he comes back)
RUBE: Good
PENNY: Kiffany?
RUBE: Fine
PENNY: Your merry band of reapers?
RUBE: (laughs)They're awful
(George comes running up)
GEORGE: Okay you gotta help me
RUBE: And she's one of the better ones
GEORGE: Better one what?
RUBE: What's the problem George?
GEORGE: I can't get her to go, she won't follow me
PENNY: Nina forgets things
GEORGE: (saracastic) Yeah I picked up on that
(Penny raises her eyebrow)
RUBE: What Penny is saying is that she has no idea she's dead
GEORGE: I get that, how do I get her to go
RUBE: I'm teling you George you have to get her to connect to her own death before she can
move on
GEORGE: How the fuck am I supposed to do that?
PENNY: Ooh she's got a mouth on her
RUBE: Always a pleasure Penny, I'll see you round the campus
(Rube walks off)
GEORGE: Are you kidding me, youre just bolting?
RUBE: I've got fish to fry, little Georgia
(Penny sits down and starts eating her lunch. George looks at her)
PENNY: Hey, I'm on my lunch break
GEORGE: Oh come on please
PENNY: Sorry honey, can't do it
GEORGE: Come on I won't... I don't really like old people
PENNY: Then youre one lucky girl
GEORGE: How so?
PENNY: 'cos you'll never be one. (takes a bit of her celery) Listen, I have to report Nina's
time of death to the hospital, but I'll delay as long as I can, so
PENNY: Better get a move on (takes another bite) Peanut!

(VO) I would never become old, dead and young has got to be better than alive and old, isn't
it, right? At least I remember things

Joy is in the kitchen labelling some jars. Reggie comes in, she looks at the jars then looks
at her mom.

REGGIE: What happened?
JOY: What do you mean what happened?
REGGIE: You're labelling
JOY: I like to label
REGGIE: When something bad happens
JOY: I'm just reworking our shelving system, once I started doing that I realised it was time I reorganized the pantry. (the door bell rings) Oh honey could you get that? you know what? I'm not keep on buing these chewy grinola bar thingies anymore because you don't eat them, because I'm not made of money here
(Reggie comes in with JD and Claire, the  next door neighbour)
JOY: Hi boy (comes right up towards her, she continues to cut the lables) Hi Claire
CLAIRE: I'm sorry to bother you but your dog dropped, your dog dropped a zoomer in my nasturtiums
JOY: Well, Claire, aren't zoomers supposed to be good for nasturtiums?
CLAIRE: Small flowers, big dog.(JD growls) These flowers won a prize at the Pickwick club last year.
JOY: Yeah, I remember.
CLAIRE: So if you could just be a little more careful with your dog...
JOY: Uh, yeah, we will. Won't we?
REGGIE: Don't look at me. I wasn't home. (Reggie leaves the room and JD follows her)
CLAIRE: Quite a project you've got going on here. Oh, my goodness. Are you moving?
REGGIE: No no I'm just reorganising my kitchen
CLAIRE: Oh, It's breathtaking
JOY: Thank you
CLAIRE: You can see where everything is right away
JOY: Well a place for everything and everrything in it's place
CLAIRE: Did you do all this yourself?
JOY: I did
CLAIRE: Do you think... would you ever come over and do this to my kitchen?
JOY: Yeah I could do that...(she looks at the cupboards) for 75 an hour
CLAIRE: (she pauses) How about Thursday?
(she dashes out)
JOY: Thursday is good
(she smiles)

Nina is sitting in the chair. George opens the curtains which has Daisy, herself and Mason

MASON: What did Rube say?
GEORGE: He said I have to make her connect to her own death
MASON: This bloody job never bloody ends, does it?
:sing: K-K-K-Katie, beautiful Katie (Mason starts to dance to her song)Youre the only g-g-girl I adore :sing:
(Daisy looks around the room)
DAISY: What's with the post-its?
GEORGE: (dead pan) She forgets things, they remind her of things, or not
(Mason pretends to box and Nina copies him)
GEORGE: Mason, don't, it's not helping, youre going to get her all riled up
DAISY: Yeah, fights over
GEORGE: What fight?
DAISY: Ray hit him
MASON: I hit him back, and he nearly bloody died
:sing: bovines over the cowshed:sing:
GEORGE: You know what Daisy? Ray's an asshole
NINA: Ray's an asshole
GEORGE: See? Nina can't remember a thing and even she can figure that one out
DAISY: Well I'm not going to see him anymore
MASON: Really?
DAISY: I'm done
MASON: Good. Excellent, excellent. move on
NINA: :sing: I'll be waiting a the k-k-k-kitchen door:sing:
MASON: So, this is Nina
GEORGE: This is Nina, whether she knows it or not
(walks up to her)
MASON: Hello Nina, Hello my darling
NINA: Hello
MASON: I have to tell you something you have to listen to me very cafefully, it might upset you but listen to me, okay?
NINA: James Bond
MASON: Your dead, you snuffed it
NINA: Shaken but not stirred
MASON: Okay she's batty, she's gone. Is there anything valuble in here?
GEORGE: No, she can't even remember a thing,she doesn't even know who she is
DAISY: I have a thought
NINA: Oh how very pretty
DAISY: Oh thank you
NINA: Perfect
DAISY: (to George) She seems pretty lucid to me
(she quickly closes the curtains then opens them, where Mason is sitting down on a chair and Daisy is at the door - they are acting)

MASON: Hello Beth
(both of them stop in slow motion)
GEORGE: Your husband William (Mason has a book on his lap and a magnifying glass)
GEORGE: Your daughter, Beth
(they start acting again)
DAISY: Dad, I have some horrible news
MASON: (really slowly) what is it?
(He lifts up the magnifying glass to his eye)
MASON: Dead? Your mother dead?
(George is looking to see if Nina is understanding this)
MASON: Nina sitting right there (he points to her) dead. (he stands up) woe is us, woe is me, just wooh dead, really fucking dead (she looks blankly)
(to Daisy) Was I good?
DAISY: Oh you were great
GEORGE: No. yeah but not that great (George closes the curtains)
(opens the curtains and the camera goes to black and while, as if it is an old movie. George is shaking what looks like Daisy, but in fact is a doll -

(VO) How do you explain to someone what death is, what do I say? death is like (she shakes her head) What? (Mason closes the curtains)

(George opens the curtains, Daisy has a pretend machine gun and Mason being shot by it, with sound effects)
(VO) It's like a play, right? The swan song? The last act? (mason up by the sink) The fat lady singing? that's what it is
(She closes the curtains again - organ music plays) The final curtain (mason and Daisy open them where George has a clip board (there is a drawing of a head stone with a cross on it - she shows it to Nina - Nina still has a blank look on her face - George goes back behind the curtains - daisy George and Mason come back out, Mason has a tissue in his hand, they actout a scene of them all being hung - they all fall to the ground)

(VO) how do I tell someone that the show's over (the curtains close)

Reggie sitting on the floor with a bag by the side of her, she goes into the bag and brings out the book and looks in the front cover

(VO) How do I tell someone who doesn't quite understand the words that it's okay to leave

(she flicks through the book and gets to page 80, she sees "Reggie needs to disappear" written by George)

flash to 1994 - In the Lass kichen there is Joy, Reggie as a baby, Clancy sitting round the high chair and George sitting at the table

CLANCY: Would you look at that face, look at the monkey face
JOY: Would you, you are so cute
CLANCY: Does the little monkey know how precious she is?
JOY: She is so perfect
CLANCY: Just perfect
(she smiles and makes gurgly noise)
CLANCY: Daddy loves you
(George looks over all jealous)
JOY: Yes George
GEORGE: I don't want Reggie to die
(they both look at her)
JOY: Okay. That's good sweetie
CLANCY: But no one here wants anyone to die George
(she snorts, she goes back to her book)
JOY: (whispers to Clancy) What do I do?
CLANCY: Not a thing, It's sibling rivalry. Spock says it's completely normal
JOY: "I don't want Reggie to die", it's not normal
CLANCY: Relax Joy it'll disappear, She'll forget she ever said it
(George listens to the conversation by peering over her book)
JOY: How's your book sweetie
JOY: Pretty good
(looks back to Reggie)
CLANCY: How's your thumb? Oh could I have one?
(George picks up her pen. They go back to talking to Reggie)
JOY: Did you see a raisin sandwich? Put a raisin right in there. Look what she did. Look what she did. She did that herself. Look, she made that - She did that?
(George writes - Reggie looks up from the book. She closes the the book quickly)

George, Daisy Mason and Nina sitting down. George is looking really bored.

(VO) Nina couldn't move on because she couldn't remember, but most of us are haunted by the things we can't forget

MASON: Are we there yet?
NINA: Are we there yet?
MASON: Are we there yet?
NINA: Are we there yet?
MASON: Are we there yet?
NINA: Are were there?
NINA: Are we there yet?
MASON: Are were there yet?
NINA: Are we there yet?
DAISY & GEORGE: Stop it!!
MASON: Great, now she won
GEORGE: What am I suppose to do? She's forgotten everything. I can't talk to her about her memories because I don't know her, It's likee she's not even here, It's a joke. It's like there's no difference between being dead and alive
(Mason gets up)
MASON: I need a drink (as he gets up he accidentally knocks one of the post-its on the bed - Nina picks it up)
DAISY: Yeah, I can't let him drink alone (She gets up too, George let's out and an excerbated sigh)
GEORGE: (calls after them) Don't worry about me
(The post-it says "Daughter Beth", Nina is trying to pick it up)
GEORGE: What? What do you want, the post-it? (she picks it up and puts it back on the picture)
NINA: Beth, my daughter Beth
(there is a pause as George realises that her lucidity is back)
GEORGE: Do you wanna here a story Nina?
NINA: Oh I love stories
GEORGE: Well once there was a girl named George, She was 18 years old,and she didn't have a husband, William, she didn't have have a daughter named Beth but she had a mom, a father and a sister and one day she went outside, it was a sunny day, a few clouds but an ordinary day and she went out to get some lunch and this man, he stopped me, and he talked to me and he knew my last name. I told him to leave me alone but then something from the sky fell and I didn't feel anything, I couldn't remember anything, at first, but then I did, I realised I died (she looks over to Nina's body and picks up a pen and post-it pad) I -- died (writes) I'm dead (she walks over to her body and puts the post-it on her head - it says Nina, she sits back down. Nina is looking shocked. A really long pause happens)
NINA: I'm dead
GEORGE: That's right
NINA: Yes, that's right
(George nods)
NINA: That's alright. Thank you
GEORGE: You're Welcome Nina

(VO)I didn't know Nina's story, I could only tell her mine. It was the only story I really knew (George looks back to the rocking chair - Nina has gone and the chair is still rocking)

(sitting in her car ourside her old house) I guess death makes everything grow cold (Reggie looks out the window but sees nothing) I hadn't beeen thinking about Reggie at all lately, or my mom, or my dad, I hadn't been thinking about them at all, and I bet they weren't thinking about me (she sees the car pass) either way my after life was a secret
(toad in his tank- croaking) Anything else was just too dangerous.

Mason and Daisy come into the house singing "My bonny lies over the ocean", they stop immediately when they hear singing, the light switches on and it is Ray)

DAISY: We were just coming back from the hospital
RAY: I didn't ask you where you were
MASON: (stoney faced) What are you doing here Ray?
Waiting for you, well not you! ...but you, you left the gym without saying goodbye
DAISY: I'm sorry, goodbye
(Mason sniggers)
MASON: I think you should piss off
RAY: I think you should stay out of this Ginger. Somebody die at the hospital?
RAY: Somebody died at the gym today, but you knew that (she looks stoney faced) and the night we met(gets up) and two days ago, I'm begining to think youre bad luck
DAISY: Yeah, I am
RUBE: Yeah that's what your friend Rube told me this morning
MASON: You...met Rube
RAY: He wasn't very nice to me, then again none of you have been very nice to me
DAISY: You really should leave now (she steps back to let him pass)
RAY: (looking submissive) Okay, I'll go
DAISY: And don't come back, I'm done with you
RAY: (smiling) Good for you, I think your right to end it (She glances over to Mason. Ray grabs her by the neck and pins her up against the wall - Mason goes to save her and Ray punches him out of the way)
RAY: There's just one thing sweetie, you don't end things, I end them. You don't tell me youre done, I do. Youre worse than bad luck, your a black fucking hole (slams her against the wall)
DAISY: Fuck you.(Mason comes round)
RAY: Youre not as gentille as you look Daisy and as pretty as you are I just cant shake the feeling that you really just a cheap hillbilly piece of tail
(Mason dashed to the kitchen and brings a tray. Daisy ducks and Mason wollops him over the head with it - he carries on hitting him. Mason moves away and Daisy goes to him, she feels his pulse - there is blood coming from the side of his head)
DAISY: He's dead
MASON: He's dead (he is breathing heavily, she steps back) I'm sorry?
MASON: Darling, there's no post-it and there's no fucking soul, fuckin....is there a shovel in here? there's got to be a shovel, is there?
(a strange noise comes from the body - Daisy pushes Mason back - a graveling comes out of Ray's body, the graveling leaves out the window)
MASON: (panicking)This is all my fault, man, it's my fucking fault, it's my fault, it's my fault, it's not your fault and your in it now, your in it now
DAISY: Stop it, It's nobody's fault. It's done, alright?
MASON: Yeah?
DAISY: We keep this to ourselves and noone needs to know
MASON: (points over to the body) What the fuck was that? How the fuck did you know that was going to happen, that graveling?
DAISY: Because I've seen it before and he's right, I'm bad luck

(VO) There are things inside you that noone wants to face, (hear digging, and Daisy looks out the window) things that you keep secret, even from yourself but secrets are funny the things that you try to hide always turn out to be the things that  you can't forget



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